For the past 3 years our daughter Chloe has been taking singing lessons with Ian once a week.Under Ian's tutelage Chloe's skills and abilities as a singer and her confidence as a person have grown significantly.

Chloe has thoroughly enjoyed working with Ian and my wife and I are very appreciative of the time, care and guidance Ian has shown with Chloe.

Regardless of your musical abilities, if you have a passion for music and the discipline to practice, the results will speak for themselves when you work with Ian.

Marcus Scott (Proud dad)

Greg Butler


HSC Music Success

I started singing with Ian Fisher at the beginning of my HSC. Ian gave me guidance across all fields of singing. Such as technique so I have the confidence to belt out high notes, Warm up tips as to sound the best I can before a performance and maintain my voice when things get stressful and also he helped me with my stage presence so I give a more professional performance.

When I review my past performances before singing with Ian (usually unwillingly at family events), there is absolutely no comparison to my performances now. At the end of the year, after Ian’s wonderful teaching, I raised my estimated HSC mark by 11 points and a whole band.

Ian is a brilliant teacher with a lot of patience. He has a knack for explaining things in a way which is easy to understand and finds a singing style that complements you. He truly brings out the best in his students and I will defiantly be continuing with my tuition this year.

Samb Bowles


Six Pocket Theory

An “all rock band”, gigging around Sydney for the past five years. Influences from blues, reggae and funk.

Aaron is the lead singer in 6 pocket theory.

"Lessons through Ian have taken me beyond what I ever could achieved on my own. I can sing most songs my band brings to me and have a technical understanding of music that has given me and my band great confidence."



Linda Wood

 Linda Wood is a previous student that now has quite a successful career. She came to the vocal studio to work on a specific area of her performance technique.

“Ian Fisher helped me consolidate strong vocal technique, applying it the performance of various styles of song, including classical, pop, jazz and theatre. humour and grace he challenged me to explore my voice and my expression in performance.”

Linda Wood


Soul Impact

Soul Impact is a band formed from 10 musicians of Mt Colah Uniting Church.

"We play varied music from gospel to rock, ballads, jazz and blues.  We are a group with varied musical skill and training.  Ian has been coaching us in vocal skills, band arrangements and musicianship for around 12 months.  Our vocal abilities have certainly improved, our song arrangements are much more dynamic and we are working together as a band with much more unity than before."

Fiona Sephton